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Blue Screen of Death

funny celebrity pictures - BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH
see more Lol Celebs

Blue Screen of Death - Windows computers used to do this when they can out of memory.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Idiot's Ultimate Guide to Build Your Own PC (freebie)

    the complete amateur in mind who has no tech knowledge whatsoever, 
    this guide will show you how to build your own PC!

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Opera browser back up 2011

Opera Backup 2011

"Backup your Opera profile quickly and easily with Opera Backup 2011 from zebNet"

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We don't really have to say how much website security is important - nobody would like to wake up one morning and see his home page offering cheap Viagra or Cialis, for example. There are a lot of ways to prevent this, and today we will share with you some tips on how to better secure your site.
Use the latest software versions. While this may sound like something, which everybody knows and does, it's not uncommon to find a very old version of a script running on a certain site. The words "it was working okay, so why update it" can sound like a reasonable excuse, right until the moment your site is hacked. Newer software versions often include security patches for exploits found in previous versions. This is very important if you are using a CMS script like Joomla or WordPress.
Check for common vulnerabilities. Cross-site scripting and SQL injections are the usual suspects - there are a lot of tools, which can help you check if your site is secure. Such vulnerabilities are most commonly found in custom developed websites - the popular CMS scripts are usually well protected against such attacks.
Check your log files. The log files may seem like just gibberish and non-sense technical data, but they are actually important - they can show you information about who tried to access your site, what errors were caused, etc. It's always surprising what you can find in your logs. A check a week or so will not hurt your free time, but will be good for your site's security.
Check your files' permissions. On a Linux sever, the file permissions will determine who can access and modify your files. Select your permissions so that only you can edit them, and avoid using 777 permissions - a file with such permissions can be edited and executed by anybody, which is dangerous.
Use secure passwords. The simplest type of attack is a brute force attack - a script will try to guess your password, using random letters and numbers. The more complex the password is, the harder it will be to break it down. Passwords, such as "mypass", are much easier to break. A combination of lower and upper case letters plus numbers will make the password much more secure - mYp43s. If possible, you can also add symbols to make your password even more secure. However, have in mind to keep your passwords easy to remember - you wouldn't want to forget your password and not be able to log into your mail, for example.

Handling Duplicate Content on Your Website:

When you are building your own website, sooner or later you run into the question - how to handle duplicate content? What do I mean by that? Imagine that you have a highly visited web page, which receives most of the daily visits. You are planning to re-design the website, and give this web page a new URL and a fresh new look, but don’t want to lose all that traffic from that old page. And you can’t keep both of them online, since they will have most likely the same content text-wise - something, which is often penalized by search engines. How do you proceed from there?
The best practice is to do a 301 redirect. The 301 message on the Internet is handled by the search engine as: moved permanently. Here is how you can make a 301 redirect for your web page:
With PHP:
The code needs to be placed in the Header section of the website, so that the search engine can read it first.
Header( “HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently” );
Header( “Location:” );
With .htaccess:
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^old\.php$ [R=permanent,L]
The code above will direct all the traffic from the old.php to the new.php page.
With the rel=”canonical” directive:
If you run an online store and want to sell a custom made handbag, which is available in several colors, and decide to dedicate a separate page on your site for each color, then you have about 3 or 4 identical pages. You can use the rel=”canonical” element to direct all traffic to the page with the most popular color.
This will lead a search engine to point all the traffic from the similar pages to the page you have specified. This code needs to be placed in the header section of all the web pages you wish to lead somewhere else.
With the URL Redirection Manager in the Web Hosting Control Panel:
If you don’t like to meddle with code, or with new file creation, or anything like that, you can use the handy URL Redirection Manager available with all our shared web hosting plans, where a simple web interface will allow you to choose which pages to be redirected and what redirection code to be used.

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Kristin Cavallari enjoys coffee and the late afternoon sun...

Kristin Cavallari enjoys coffee and the late afternoon sun with friends in Hollywood

37291, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Saturday January 30, 2010. Kristin Cavallari enjoys coffee and the late afternoon sun with friends in Hollywood. Photograph: Matt Smith/Bret Thompsett/

Content © 2010 Pacific Coast News All rights reserved.

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Income Club Pro. » 46 webmaster tools 3# Really Easy Script Installer

Income Club Pro. » 46 webmaster tools 3# Really Easy Script Installer

My Naked PC part 2 - notepad uses

this is the html for my ecademy blog article thingy:
This blog includes how to use your notepad as a to do list and / or turn it into a html file:

First way to use notepad is simply to save a notepad file on your desk top - the idea being that whenever you have an idea or thought you can quickly open it and jot down that thought, save it in that file for a later time.

Items you might want to add may include embed codes for youtube videos, widget code, catchy headlines, things on-line that catch your eye or website addresses you want to add somewhere else.

You can copy and paste from your browser my just keep the file open on your desk top, that way, you can browse the net and have a note pad to copy and paste snippets of information.

Another thing you can do with notepad is use it to create web pages you do this by going to file, then save as...

You then need to change "Save type as" to "All Files" rather than a text file .txt which is the default, you do this by selecting "All Files" in the second drop down menu window shown above, underneath file name.  You then have to manually type ".html" next to the file name "notes", this tells your pc to convert the notepad page into a web page once you have saved it and closed it.

Once you have done this your notepad file is 'magically' transformed into a web page :-) - My example here is showing up as a firefox  webpage as that's the browser I use, if you use Internet Explorer you will get a web page with an E on it.

If you open up the page in your Internet browser you will see that it may had converted some of your notes - if they are snippets of code or widgets into working applications rather than code. The HTML for a banner I saved for example has turned into an active banner, a bit youtube video code I saved had changed into an active video widget.

Going back to your desktop (where I have saved this file) you can edit the web page you have created by right clicking on the web page icon, clicking "open with" then clicking notepad.

You can then add some basic html to customize/edit the page, for example I have asked this web page to start a paragraph, center it and make it a headline, bigger than the text below.

Once you are happy with your html code you can click the save button and open it in the browser again - I refresh the page while holding down the shift button - I can then watch changes I make to the code in notepad and the browser, and flip between the two.

Uses for this function as a web page, might include saving a tab on your browser tool bar as shown in image above, you could save all you most used links there or set it as your start page.

You can also  customize website templates using notepad - handy if you  just want to change a few links.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Hi all

Just a quick blog to say I am still here, roaming the interwebs for things of interest, like web tools I can apply to my theme of coffee - I have one painting nearly ready, I am looking for a particular spray that will add a specific look then I will photograph and sell it for about £45.00 + postage - I''ll go into more details when it's finnished - it is coffee related :-)


So...I am using this posterous contraption again, I haven't used it for a while as it seems to suck up everything - but you could view Zara's Kafe Im Limon posts like status updates from Zaraville, as I'll be adding separate articles to various blogs according to their niche.


I'm flying off now, to bed...


It's spring!  Time for coffee

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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Home (Zara's Kafe Im Limon) remember google do web hosting free!

Hey here is my new template/ on google sites - for 'kafe im limon' the website - it's free to host and you get a choice of templates, if you can't afford your own domain - or like me you have a mixture of paid and free domains - try it out - you might like it =)

Welcome to Zara Lockwood's 'Google Cafe'

Latest News:

Weston-super-Mocha - Coffee for sale on eBay

Suggested Steps for Coffee Buddy's:

1. Join My Healthy Coffee Downline Builder

2. Add a Profile At Totallyu

3. Subscribe to my I love Gano Newsletter or Kafe Im Limon

4. Join Zara's Coffee Venues AND add something!

Hi - here are some other features of the site:

1. Your Host - My Name is Zara Lockwood and my main Niche Coffee and Coffee Products, and this website is a wiki of sorts. I like talking about Web Tools, Instant Coffee, Social networks and my dog on other networks.  You are welcome to send me invites to social networks via you belong to, add me as a cyber buddy where ever you hang out on-line =)  At the moment I am lurking on Techcrunch, Gumtree and Ecademy and I'm on Plaxo and Flixster and Ning quite a know anywhere I can set up a Coffee stall really, or chatter with interesting people :-) click here for more info about Zara.

2. Under the tab "Cool Internet people" Marlon Sanders has a number of free ebooks, ebooks are electronic books, some are rubbish, some are useful, Marlon Sanders eBooks are always useful so grab 'em while they are free!

3. Under "Find Niches and Tools" you can maybe find a niche you are interested in, ideas for websites and blogs.

4. See menu on the left for more Items.

Bookmark this page!

Also check out the free ebooks offered by Cody Moya. Cody Moya is the first person I threw a Facebook Sheep at in 2007 when I finally decided to join Facebook are we connected there ?

Grab two free ebooks I have over on Microsoft Live (above) - are we connected there ? - I have them in my skydrive (storage)
Did you know Microsoft give people 25 GB of free storage space, ideal for small backups maybe ? or freebies. I should be adding them to this site too soon, I have some other ebook freebies there too.

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Friday, 20 November 2009

A coffee stall you may see on my Ning Profiles:

Note in the this coffee lounge Zara is 'LemonCakes' and it is a public chat room:


My UK Coffee Shop | My USA Coffee Shop


Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!


1 – IncomeClubPro coffee venue no.1

2 – Ning Nomads – coffee venue no.2

3 – Google Groups – coffee venue no.3

4 – Healthy Coffee Downline Club

5 – CoffeeCupping Group YouTube

6 -healthy Coffee Club on Face Book

7 – Friendfeed Ganoderma

8 – Apsense Coffee Club

9 – TweetJunction Coffee Venue

10 – Social Median Coffee Drinker

11 – Ecademy Coffee Lounge

12 Coffee Group Blog

13 – on Facebook

14 – SpicyPage Coffee Club

15 – BuzzHerd Coffee Venue

16 – Gather coffee venue

17 – Hi5 – The Coffee venue

18 – NetLog Coffee Venue

19 – Coffee Forums coffee venue

20 – Mixx Coffee Venue

21 – Zorpia Coffee venue

22 -Multiply coffee venue

23 – Koottam 23 coffee venue

24 - Net Millionaires coffee venue

25 – Plaxo coffee Venue

26 – Yahoo coffee venue

27 – Friendster – Coffee venue

28 – Vox Coffee Venue


Income Club Pro


Web Media ToolKit


Google Nomads

ICP Web Hosting

The Second Tier

Traffic Swarm


Rich Jerk

Instant squeeze



David Gale




Marlon Sanders




John Thornhill




Mike Dillard

Start Exchange


Keyword tracker





Healthy Coffee


Hit Gusher

Xat Chat Room


Mermaid Traffic





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Monday, 16 November 2009

The Wonderful Demise of Benjamin Arnold Guppy: Book signing - Weston-super-Mare

Monday, 12 October 2009

Book signing - Weston-super-Mare

On November 19th, Waterstone's booksellers will be helping to launch late-night shopping at The Sovereign Centre in Weston-super-Mare by holding a book signing event. I've been invited to take part, so I will be there between 3:30 and 8:30pm to sign copies of 'The Wonderful Demise of Benjamin Arnold Guppy' (and 'Utamaro Revealed', if you have an interest in Japanese art as well as murdering your neighbours in cold blood). Do come along and say 'ho ho ho' if you're in the area.

Waterstone's Booksellers,
Unit 21-23,
The Sovereign Centre,
High Street,
BS23 1HL.
Tel: 01934 642 588

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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

some coffee pictures and update

As you may have noticed by now, I am using a gadget to blog that means I can blog items of interest as I surf - the current trend I am following is the trend of cleaning up adverts, nobody wants to be lumbered with a mobile subscription they can't switch off except by changing phone number for example - but this is what is happening - so I am following it.

here is some coffee stuff - there are loads of coffee pictures on flickr well over a Million - so we can share :-)


Some random coffee pics:


coffee art


It's Coffee Time copy


Coffee & Splash

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